My Name is Yvette, I would like to introduce myself as part of the administration team at Dr. Tania Pietrzak’s practice. I have worked in customer service and administration for several years and very much enjoy helping others. I hope to be a friendly and familiar face and help create a positive space for our new and existing clients and their families. 

I have a creative background and qualifications in Fine Art Painting and Visual Merchandising. This led me to work in the film industry doing costume design and art direction. I will be working with Dr Tania to create a visually appealing space. 

I have two children that keep me on my toes but also give me new memories each day. I understand that life can be challenging at times and that we all need support along the way. I hope I can assist our clients to make things just that little bit easier. 

– Yvette

My Name is Zoe, I am one of the Administrative Assistants at Dr Tania Pietrzak Psychological Services. I will be your first point of contact when attending your appointments and I will always ensure you feel comfortable and welcomed. I am a very warm hearted and friendly person who is passionate about psychology, and helping others. I am currently studying psychology at Deakin University and I also enjoy taking long walks, going camping and spending time with loved ones.
I am a former Mental Health Support worker and i am currently completing my University studies to become a Registered Child Psychologist.

I am currently working at Psychservice on:

Thursdays 10-7 pm
Fridays 8am -7 pm

– Zoe


I have a Phd in Political Science and I am currently conducting my 2nd Phd in social sciences. After lecturing various courses ranging from behavioural sciences, political sociology to law for years, I started my new career in Psyhcservice. I am a future psychology student. I am passionate about reading about psychology, research, personal growth and swimming.

I am currently working in Psychservice on:

  • Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 8.00 am o 2.30 pm.

– Ace